Rome SDS Mountain Division 160W

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Free-The-Ride Camber - Rome integrates three distinct zones of camber in this shape. From the tail to just in front of the front foot, they use positive camber for the tail and mid body. In front of the front foot, they use a section of flat camber that transitions into a moderate amount of rocker in the nose. This is a highly versatile camber for freeriders who appreciate groomers, powder and variable snow. The positive camber section under foot and in the tail drives the power and edge control. The flat section keeps enough downward pressure on the contact points in the nose for proper turn initiation while the rockered nose delivers float in the pow. This combination results in a feel that rips, carves, and surfs when conditions are deep and fresh.


Flex (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) - 7


Directional - These shapes are ideal for all-mountain, freeriding, and powder riding.


AirPop Core Matrix - Integrated into a matrix of responsive poplar wood laminates, Rome lays in five zones of low-density, ultra light wood to reduce weight.

BuzzKill Technology - Ripping at high speed and powering through chopped up snow is one thing and laying the cleanest arcs possible is another. Rome reduces chatter and vibrations by milling radiating channels into the core at the shovel near the nose and inlaying elastomeric dampening material. The shape and location of material mellows unwanted vibration to keep the front end of the board stable while in contact with the snow.


45/90 Hybrid Laminate - This laminate drives an all-mountain freestyle feel by combining the high response of 45 degree fibers with more playful and finesse-oriented 90 degree fibers.

TurboRod Technology - Rome uses a unique application of light and poppy carbon to improve response by milling channels into targeted ares of the core and placing a sleeve inside the channel. They then insert a thin rod of carbon in the sleeve and anchor it at the end of the channel closest to the midpoint of the board so that the carbon can move in and out of the sleeve to load up more energy. When the energy is released, it releases cleanly without vibration to increase power and pop for the board.

Carbon Thruster Pattern - This pattern includes two rods that start at the back binding near the center of the board and angle towards the edges of the board, creating increased tail-specific power and added response for carving, pow slashing, and freeriding.


SinterSpeed Base - This base delivers the premium speed that freeriders and freestyle artists need for gliding in cold powder and building speed for epic takeoffs.