We invite everyone to our show room in Krakow at 18N Dąbska Street, around Arena, Plaza, Mogilska

Good access from "any" part of Krakow, parking, no pay zone. Access by public transport to the Mogilska / Meissnera intersection, from where it is 400 meters, walking distance which takes 3-4 minutes.

We provide professional service and equipment selection based on both theoretical and practical knowledge. We know virtually all boards and bindings that we recommend or advise against, because we ride a lot. Before we sell a board or bindings, we try to check, ride on each board in different bindings. So we know exactly what we sell, we know which board will work better in a park which on a hard route. We know how to match the set to make it work optimally. In the product descriptions you will find our "tested" photos, i.e. photos from our tests.

The possibility of a direct conversation, about skills, driving style, direction of development will make our sellers easily point you to the optimal boards, bindings, in a specific size in accordance with all the rules for the correct selection of equipment.

A visit to our store is also a guarantee that your equipment will be optimally positioned. Bindings have many adjustments and settings at the moment, the trick is to use these possibilities but not abuse them. You don't have to worry about such matters, we take care of it with all the details. While buying only bindings or boots, you can bring the rest of the equipment to us, we will set everything up optimally. We like to make sure that everything works out fine with each other.

We help you choose the right size of boots, we know how to effectively help standing from the side. With our methods we are able to check if the boots will hold a particular leg in the ankle well, whether the heel will not go up, or if the toes will not be knocked over its front.

We invite you to use our help, experience and knowledge!

Specialized Snowboard Store


18N Dąbska street

31-572 Krakow, Poland

The store is open:

Mon - Fri 11:00 - 19:00
and on Saturdays 10:00 - 16:00

Tel:   666 537 666

Visit us and lets have a chat!

Easy access from all sides of Krakow, parking, no parking zone. MPK transport access to the Mogilska / Meissnera intersection.

Our show room is located near the Arena Krakow, therefore you can use the signposting to the Arena.